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Getting up in the morning can be difficult enough without having to deal with shower screen door issues. They are constantly exposed to water and often used several times a day, so the components can deteriorate, rust or crack.

You don’t need to put up with it. The most common shower screen door repairs are quick and inexpensive. Call us and get back to starting your day off right.

Common problems with shower screen doors:

Common shower screen repair problems

Some of the more common issues with shower screen doors include:

  • Shower screen door getting stuck when opening / closing
  • Shower screen door rollers are falling off the tracks
  • Shower screen panels no longer lining up properly
  • Shower corner brackets falling off
  • Shower screen door no longer pivoting
  • Shower door screen cracked

As Adelaide’s specialist shower screen door repairer, we have all the parts required to repair your shower screen doors, such as rollers, tracks, wheels, corner brackets and other key components.

If you’re experiencing these or any other problems with your shower screen door, we can fix them quickly for you.

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