Entrance Doors

We can service and repair your existing entrance doors, and where necessary or desired, we can provide new or replacement front, laundry and any other entrance doors – all styles and models.

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Entrance Door Repairs

Our team of skilled carpenters are happy to come and meet with you at your home or office to assess your Entrance door for any maintenance or repair needs.


Sticking or catching on the door frame

A few of the main causes of doors sticking or catching on the door frames are often factors like:

  • Movement of the building foundation
  • Warping of wall framing
  • Weather extremes causing buckling and swelling

Assuming the door itself is in good condition, refitting the door will have it back operating as it should.

Noisy operation

When doors make squeaking or creaking sounds, it can usually be related to one of the following causes:

  • Hinges have become worn from use over time
  • Hinges are stressed due to warping of the door or the door frame
  • Wet type lubricant (silicon) in the hinges has dried out
  • Dry type lubricant (such as graphite powder) has worked its way out of the hinges over time

We can determine exactly what your ‘squeaky’ door needs and attend to it to have your external door operating as easy and quiet as it once used to.

Doesn’t latch or lock anymore

As with sticking doors, the same issues that can cause door frames to warp or move can also be the cause of doors no longer latching or locking properly. Other factors may be:

  • A warped or damaged door
  • Worn door hardware such as handles, latches and door strikes
  • Sticking handles or latches
  • Worn lock tumblers or keys
  • Rusting of moving parts

After assessing the root cause, we can make the necessary repairs to have your entrance door latching and locking the way it should, and assuring your family and property are secure once again.

No longer weatherproof

Weather seals on a door are not only there to keep weather out. They have added benefits, such as:

  • Reducing heating and cooling costs
  • Insulating from outside noise
  • Protection against pests

If an entrance door no longer seals properly due to any kind of foundation movement, wall and frame movement, or door warping, your home is no longer protected from the elements.

Even with normal use, weather seals wear out over time and need replacing.

We can examine and repair whatever is stopping your external door sealing the way it should and return your house to a fully sealed home.

What to Expect with Entrance Door Repairs

Your Service and Repair Team Member

Where possible we will try and have the same tradesperson who completed the initial assessment, attend for your repair as well.

Assessing your repair needs

After making your initial contact with us, we’ll find a time convenient to you to complete a FREE assessment of the repair or desired work needed to be done.

After the assessment and any material choices have been made (such as doors, handles and hinges where required) we will then prepare a written quote for you.

Repair or Replace?

Sometimes there is no choice but to replace damaged doors and hardware. Typically repairs needed will be one of 3 types:

  • Minor repairs – such as freeing up hinges and handles, lubricating lock barrels, replacing weather seals and door hardware. Some repairs can be completed on first visit though some will require a return visit due to specific parts or time needed which will not be known until an assessment has been completed.
  • Major repairs – could involve repair and replacement of door hardware or refitting existing doors. If ordering of parts is needed, more than one visit may be required.
  • Replacement – relating to the replacement of the full door and/or door frame (not handles, hinges and latches). Usually requiring ordering of parts and materials before commencement.

If there is a repair or replace choice available, our service and repair tradespeople can present you with the most suitable options available to best serve your situation and will be happy to provide advice where desired.

Repair time

Every situation is different, and although some minor repairs can be completed at the assessment visit, most repairs will require a separate visit where the actual repair will take place. A good indication of repair time can only be provided following the assessment.


As with the repair time, the many variations mean an assessment will be needed first, before an accurate quote can be provided.


A 12-month warranty is applied to all materials and work completed by our team.

Ad-hoc or periodic servicing

Often it is only when the unthinkable happens that you may be stuck with having no choice but to replace doors, door furniture, or even more.

We recommend the periodical checking of all doors, windows, locks, and seals – even if only on a yearly or two-yearly basis. Doing so could result in avoiding significant damage related costs down the track.

Entrance Door Replacement

Security Prior to Replacement

In circumstances where your door or locks are no longer working, we can make your door secure until your new or replacement door is due to be installed.

Selecting Your Replacement

We have carefully selected a range of door suppliers on the fantastic quality of their products. We can either show you brochures on site or direct you to online sites to view the options available. Or, if you would prefer, we can have your door completely custom made to your requirements.

Delivery and Installation Time

  • For normal catalogue items we allow up to 3 weeks as a lead time for delivery of product, and before work can proceed.
  • For custom ordered doors we allow a 6-week lead time for product delivery.

When all parts have been received we will commence the replacement of your door.

Your Installer

Where possible we will try and have the same tradesperson who completed the initial assessment, attend for your door replacement as well.


A 12-month warranty is applied to all materials and work we have completed.

Hinges, Handles and Locks

We carry an extensive range of hinges, handles and locks to match your Entrance Doors. So, whether you’re having your door repaired or adding a new one, we have the right hardware to compliment it.

New Homes and Remodelling

Whether you are looking to:

  • give your new home entrance a stand-out welcome for guests,
  • create a more modern option to your existing home,
  • or simply desire a change or facelift to for your current entrance doors,

we have a magnificent selection of high quality doors that are sure to meet your needs.

Front entrance door remodel - red to black - 1
Front entrance door remodel - red to black - 2
Front entrance door remodel - red to black - 3
Front entrance door remodel - red to black - 5
Front entrance door remodel - red to black - 4
Entrance door remodel before
Entrance door remodel during
Entrance door remodel after

We can even have your doors custom made for you where your situation is either unique, or you simply can’t find an available option that is ‘just right’.

With a vast selection of styles and materials available, our team can consult with you to select, supply and install your next entrance door. You will receive the benefit of over 40 years’ experience in servicing the Adelaide area, and over 100 years combined team experience.