Door Repairs

The most common door repair issues that occur are listed below. If your particular type or brand of door isn’t listed, just get in touch to discuss it. You can be confident that a solution is at hand.

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Sliding Door Repairs

Sliding Door Repairs – Wooden & Aluminium

Your sliding screen door might not slide with the ease it used to or it won’t lock anymore.  Issues such as this not only cause frustration, but they also create a security risk to your property.

Whether your sliding door is aluminium or wooden, it can be fixed with ease by Adelaide’s specialist door repairers.

Common problems with sliding doors:

Repairs to all types of sliding door tracks

Sliding door no longer glides with ease
This can be due to worn out or broken sliding door track rollers. These can be easily replaced.

Sliding door gets stuck whilst opening and closing
As the seasons pass, houses ‘settle’ into their foundations. This movement can nudge the sliding screen door frame out of its original placement. This can be resolved with a refit of the door frame to return it to its original working order.

Sliding door lock & latch repairs

Sliding door won’t lock anymore
Sliding door handles receive a significant amount of heavy handling. They are pulled upon constantly and closed with more force than is required.  These can be fixed or replaced with our quality handles or locks.

Weatherproof sliding screen door

Sliding door is no longer weatherproof
The seal that surrounds your door frame can deteriorate over time. Seals can also detach as your house ‘settles’ into its foundations.  This can be fixed with the installation of brand new, weatherproof seals and a possible re-fit of the door frame if necessary.

Wooden Door Repairs

Wooden Door Repairs

Wooden doors are traditional, beautiful and incredibly popular.  You’ll see them all through the streets of Adelaide.  However, because they’re made from nature, they’re also susceptible to nature’s elements.

Some of the issues that can be addressed by Adelaide’s specialist door repairers are:

Repairing doors when they get stuck in frame

Wooden Door is getting stuck within the door frame
Wooden doors are porous and so they respond to the changes in temperature and humidity. They can warp, bow, rot, swell (expand) and shrink with the changing seasons or surrounding elements.

The ‘settling’ of a house into its foundations can also create issues with wooden doors not fitting within their frames, becoming too tight or too loose. Issues such as these can often be fixed with a re-fit or re-hang of the door within the frame, or by addressing the surrounding elements such as sealant or paint.

Door handle and lock repairs

Wooden door handle or lock is no longer working
Your door handle and lock might be getting jammed with age and the accumulation of dirt within the internal components over time.  They could also have been damaged due to a break in.Door handles and locks can be easily repaired or replaced by door repair specialists who can determine the appropriate solution for you.

Wooden door with squeeky hinge

Wooden door is squeaking
A squeaky wooden door can be the result of rusty hinges, wood rubbing against wood or an ill-fitted door. Your solution could involve oiling or replacing the hinges through to planing, sanding and re-hanging the door.  Whatever the issue, it can be fixed.

Bi-fold Door Repairs

Bi-fold Door Repairs

Bi-fold doors are popular due to their ability to close off shared spaces or open up areas with minimal impact on the available space.  Whilst providing considerable convenience, there are some issues that you could experience, such as:

Repairs for wooden and aluminium bi-fold doors
  • Bi-fold doors not sliding very easily
  • House shifting has created ‘sticking points’ whilst folding and unfolding
  • Bi-fold doors not latching or locking due to wear, tear and exposure to external factors.
  • Bi-fold doors no longer weatherproof.

Your repair could involve the repair or replacement of parts such as locks, tracks, hinges and weather-proof seals.  It could also involve a re-fit to return its smooth folding action.

Security Door Repairs

Security Door Repairs

Your Security Door is as much a visual deterrent to would-be-thieves as much as it is an actual barrier against attempted break-ins.

Not attending to issues with your security door can not only negatively impact your personal safety but it could also contravene the terms within your home and contents insurance policy.

Issues that could affect the functionality of your security door include:

Security door repairs including locks mesh and damage
  • Attempted break in
  • Wear and tear of door handle, lock and hinges
  • Hydraulic door closer is no longer working
  • Security door mesh has been damaged or loosened from door frame
  • Security door isn’t closing properly
Fly Screen Repairs

Fly Screen Repairs

Repairs to fly screens

Summer in Adelaide comes with flies.  Lots and lots of flies.  Keeping these germ carriers out of your home is paramount to ensure the health of your family.

Fly screens can stretch and pull away from their door frames over time.  They can also be broken via accidental puncture or collision.

These issues with fly screens can be very easily fixed via tightening the mesh or re-meshing (replacing the fly screen mesh within the aluminium door or wooden door frame).

Shower Screen Door Repairs

Shower Screen Door Repairs

Getting up in the morning can be difficult enough without having to deal with shower screen door issues.

Shower screen doors are constantly exposed to water and are often used a few times a day, depending on the number of people in your home.

Some of the more common issues with shower screen doors include:

Repairs to all types of shower screen doors
  • Shower screen door getting stuck when opening / closing
  • Shower screen door rollers are falling off the tracks
  • Shower screen panels no longer lining up properly
  • Shower corner brackets falling off
  • Shower screen door no longer pivoting
  • Shower door screen cracked

As Adelaide’s specialist shower screen door repairer, we have all the parts required to repair your shower screen doors, such as rollers, tracks, wheels, corner brackets and other key components.

Pet Door Repairs

Pet Door Repairs

pet door repairs and installation

Pets go in, pets go out.  They’re not overly concerned with the pace and intensity at which they charge through the special door allocated to them.

Over the years your pet door could deteriorate with excessive use and ongoing exposure to all the grub’n’grime of being constantly exposed to external elements and pet activities.

Your pet door can also provide a weak point in the security of your home, so ensuring that they can be closed off securely is of paramount importance.

Door brands we can repair and replace:

  • Statesman
  • Trend
  • Dowell
  • Boral
  • Bradmans
  • Cyclone
  • Comalco
  • Stegbar
  • Doric
  • Anthony Bearings
  • MTM
  • Rylock
  • Allulite
  • Southern Star
  • A & L
  • Sylon
  • Cowdroy
  • Nu-Trend
  • Trimview
  • Wunderlich
  • Capral
  • Alcan
  • ASW

Not sure what brand your door is? No problem at all, just let us know what the problem is with your door and we’ll get it fixed for you.