Security Doors and Security Screens

How important is it to have security doors and/or security screens on your property?

You could also ask how important is it to have good condition security doors and/or screens on your property as the doors and screens are only useful if they actually work … properly!

Here’s some facts to back the case for installing or repairing your security door or screen:

  • Household robbery is one of the most common crimes in Australia with around 335,700 break-ins recorded every year
  • 33% of Australians have experienced a break-in and one in four (25%) a home intrusion (a burglary that occurs while someone is at home). Source: 2007 AAMI Home Security data.

Your security and peace of mind is important.

We hold an extensive range of security doors and security screens that don’t just protect you; they can also add value to your property. We have a great range of designs, sizes and shapes plus an extensive choice of colours.

For added protection consider installing security doors AND windows on your house or office. The extra protection window screens provide includes acting as a strong deterrent to thieves.

Security Doors & Screens

Protect yourself and your family

If you can’t afford a new security door or security screen, talk to us about repairing your existing one. Often we can save you money by committing repairs that don’t reduce the effectiveness of the door or screen and therefore your safety.

Don’t put this on the ‘To Do’ list either … research shows that thieves are most likely to strike your home between noon and 6pm (and Friday is the worst day for home burglaries).

The clock is ticking …

View our security door range (right), or download our Security Doors brochure.

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