Fly Screen Door Repairs

Fly screen door repairs - aluminium and wooden screen doors

Fly screen doors are great for keeping the flies out and letting the breeze through. But if the mesh is torn or if the screen door bangs or just doesn’t close and latch, it ends up being an everyday annoyance.

We can make your day, every day, just that little bit better by repairing your fly screen door to proper working order.

Common problems with screen doors:

Repaired fly screen door

Issues that could affect the usability of your fly screen door include:

  • Mesh is torn or has holes
  • Handle comes loose or the lock breaks
  • Hinges squeek, rust or come loose
  • Hydraulic door closer give up and the door now slams shut
  • Screen door just doesn’t close properly

Most of these problems can be fixed quickly. Our technicians carry a range of fly screen door components to address all the common issues.

If you’re experiencing these or any other problems with your screen door, we can help get you fly free and enjoying the breeze again.

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