Sash Window Repairs / Double Hung Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs

Sash window repairs are among the most common repairs in traditional Adelaide homes.

Typical sash window repair needs

  • Difficult to open (rotting, swelling or distortion of the woodwork)
  • Rattling in the wind (shrinkage of the wood)
  • Window won’t move properly (twisted or broken spiral balance – spring loaded sash windows)
  • Very heavy to open (frayed or broken sash cords)

We have specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with all areas of double hung and sash window repairs. Once we complete your sash window repair, your window will glide up and down with ease for many years to come.

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Regular Maintenance

All types of sash windows require regular maintenance to ensure their continued smooth opening and closing. Well-maintained sash windows can last for generations.

Talk to us about a maintenance schedule for your sash and double hung windows.

What is a sash window?

Sash windows have been around since 1670 and have maintained their popularity as they promote airflow, are easy to clean and have a timeless beauty.

A sash window is made up of moveable panels that form a frame to hold panels of glass. The weight of the glazed panel is balanced by a heavy sash weight concealed within the frame or a spiral balance. The weight is connected to the window by a braided sash cord that runs over a pulley in the frame, enabling the window to slide open easily.

Double hung windows

Double hung windows are the same as a standard sash windows but have two moveable panels so that you can have an open gap at the top and at the bottom.