Wooden Window Repairs

Wooden window repairs

Wooden window frames provide a traditional and sophisticated finish to your home.  However, because they’re made from nature, they’re also quite susceptible to nature’s elements.

Wooden windows are porous, so they react to the changes in temperature and humidity. They can warp, bow, rot, swell (expand) and shrink with the changing seasons or surrounding elements.

Common problems with wooden windows:

Repair wooden window stuck in frame

Wooden window is rattling or getting stuck within the window frame:

The ‘settling’ of a house into its foundations can create issues with windows not fitting within their frames anymore. This can often be fixed via a re-fit of the window and window frame within its allocated space.

Other causes of wooden windows getting stuck in their frames could include degraded sealant, paint or rusting of the opening mechanisms, such as a pivot arm, chain or sash window cord.

Wooden window latch and / or lock is no longer working:

Your window is partially exposed to the external elements, and when it’s open your latches, locks and other related components are vulnerable to rust and the accumulation of dust and grime. These can either be cleaned, oiled or replaced.

You might also find that the shifting of your house over time results in a mis-alignment of the latch components. This too can be fixed by our window repair specialists.

Wooden window is no longer weather proof:

Your wooden window could have a variety of issues affecting its ability to seal out the weather, such as:

  • Window putty and sealant degrading over time
  • Flaking paintwork allowing water to seep into the window’s wood.
  • Window corner joints have come loose, allowing water to penetrate the joints and inner frame.
  • House ‘settling’ resulting in the window frame shifting & loosening.

These issues can be a detriment to your home’s temperature (increasing your heating and cooling costs), cleanliness and your health.

For heritage listed buildings, we’re able to do exact replica work for both window repair and window replacement.

Your wooden window issues can be fixed with the specialist maintenance or replacement of your window frame components, returning your home to its weatherproof state.

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