Sliding Door Repairs

Sliding Door Repairs

Wooden & Aluminium

Your sliding screen door might not slide with the ease it used to or it won’t lock anymore. Issues such as this not only cause frustration, but they also create a security risk to your property.

Whether your sliding door is aluminium or wooden, it can be fixed by Adelaide’s specialist sliding door repairers.

Common problems with sliding doors:

Old and new - sliding door roller repair

Sliding door rollers no longer glide with ease

This can be due to worn out or broken sliding door rollers. These can be easily replaced.

Sliding door track gets stuck whilst opening and closing

As the seasons pass, houses ‘settle’ into their foundations. This movement can nudge the sliding door track and frame out of its original placement. This can be resolved with a refit of the door frame to return it to its original working order.
Sliding door lock & latch repairs

Sliding door won’t lock anymore

Sliding door handles receive a significant amount of heavy handling. They are pulled upon constantly and closed with more force than is required.  These can be fixed or replaced with our quality handles or locks.

Weatherproof sliding screen door

Sliding door is no longer weatherproof

The seal that surrounds your door frame can deteriorate over time. Seals can also detach as your house ‘settles’ into its foundations.  This can be fixed with the installation of brand new, weatherproof seals and a possible re-fit of the door frame if necessary.

If you’re experiencing these or any other problems with your sliding door, we can help.

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