Windows Screens – Fly Screens & Security Screens

Not only do window screens keep the insects out, they can also allow increased security as well as good airflow throughout your house. So, you can enjoy the summer breezes without the creepy, uninvited guests.

New Window Screen Installation

We install custom window screens to match your home design, colours, and lifestyle. Entertainers may want bigger sized windows with different opening options, while a small, quiet household may prefer slim and discreet styles or security window screen options.

Suitable windows and window screens can make a huge difference to the functionality of your home. If you have a renovation in mind or are building a new home, we would love to help you choose the window screens that will enhance your space and lifestyle.

Security Window Screens

Specialist Doors and Windows proudly recommend, supply and install Invisi-Gard security window screen products.

Invisi-Gard Fixed Window Security Screens combine the proven strength and security of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh with extruded aluminium perimeter framing to create a security window screen that looks great whilst providing excellent security, fall protection and fire safety.

Fly Screen Windows

We can provide and install the following types of insect window screens;

  • Aluminium Fly Wire – Strong, commonly used fly screen
  • Tough Mesh – A thicker version of the Aluminium Fly Wire
  • Fibreglass – Durable and versatile screen suited to most applications
  • Pet Mesh – A thicker fibreglass mesh, tougher to withstand damage from claws
  • Midge Mesh – Tighter, finer mesh to prevent even the tiniest insect from getting through

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Window Screen Replacement

If your fly screen windows are torn or damaged beyond repair, we can quickly and easily provide a window screen replacement in your choice of colour, materials and style.

Alternatively, our experienced and qualified carpenters can match your window screen replacements to your current ones or make suggestions based on your home.

Your window screens don’t have to be damaged for us to replace them. You may wish to replace your existing screens with a security window screen or something more durable, modern or user friendly. Talk to us about your ideas and we will find an affordable and stylish solution.

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Remodelling & Custom Window Screens

If you are remodelling other windows in your home, we can create fly screen or security window screens to fit. Custom window screens can be created to be functional and perfectly suit your space.

Maybe you want bigger windows, to take advantage of the extra sunlight or even relocate the windows to maximize the breeze throughout the day. Discuss your new ideas with us and see how we can help you achieve the desired look.

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Hinges, Handles and Locks for Fly Screen Windows

Specialist Doors and Windows are the experts when it comes to fly screen window installation. We will make sure that your new custom window screens have the right hardware to suit your needs. We can also replace damaged parts and offer maintenance services to keep your window screens in great nick so they will stand the test of time.

Fly screen and security screen windows are very popular in most homes and offices in Australia. Let our experienced window experts show you how fly screen windows can work best for you.

We would love to hear from you about a window screen installation or a window screen replacement, so please send us an enquiry and our friendly team will be in touch in no time!

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