Sash Windows / Double Hung Windows

Sash windows, or otherwise known as double hung windows, are  always on trend and in demand for home windows due to their versatility and opening options.

They promote good airflow and ventilation while adding a timeless, classy look to suit any style home.

Sash windows are available in:

  • aluminium – for a sleek, timeless look
  • timber – for classic character and vintage charm

“Single” or “Double Hung” Sash Windows

Sash windows are a great choice of window for your new home or build due to the various opening options and style configurations available.

You can choose to:

  • have just the bottom panel OR the top panel able to open
  • have both panels able to open

The latter not only provides great ventilation but double hung windows that open in both directions also circulate air beautifully by venting hot air out through the top and bringing fresh air in through the bottom.

We can create your perfect look in aluminium or timber sash windows, matching any style of home and décor.

Sash and Double Hung Windows Quote

Sash Window Replacement

The Adelaide Specialist Doors & Windows team are experienced carpenters that can completely replace damaged or outdated windows with suitable sash or double hung windows.

We can create or match any style with our windows and can offer countless variations, combinations and configurations. We love bringing our customer’s visions to life.

Sash Window Replacement Quote

Remodelling Sash / Double Hung Windows

Perhaps you have decided that you want a completely different look and layout of the windows in your home or building.

Whether you want more light, ventilation, accessibility, or views, we can show you how sash windows can give you the look you’re after. Double hung windows are also ideal for areas that have minimal or restricted space as no parts open outward in any direction. Such a versatile window!

Remodelling Sash and Double Hung Windows Quote

Hinges, Handles and Locks for Sash Windows

The only thing that can make your new sash windows any better, is the perfect hardware and accessory options. These can be selected to suit your style, home and needs.

Specialist Doors & Windows have a big range of hinges, handles and locks to make your double hung windows truly beautiful and truly yours.

These windows make cleaning easy and have effortless and smooth operation. Unlike some of the older versions, double hung windows are weatherproof, rattle-free and secure. So contact us today for a quote or to discuss your next project. Our window specialists are all qualified carpenters, so you can be sure your new sash windows are in the right hands.

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