Wooden Door Repairs

Wooden door repairs

Wooden doors are traditional, beautiful and incredibly popular.  You’ll see them all through the streets of Adelaide.  However, because they’re made from nature, they’re also susceptible to nature’s elements.

Common problems with wooden doors:

Repairing doors when they get stuck in frame

Wooden Door is getting stuck within the door frame
Wooden doors are porous and so they respond to the changes in temperature and humidity. They can warp, bow, rot, swell (expand) and shrink with the changing seasons or surrounding elements.

The ‘settling’ of a house into its foundations can also create issues with wooden doors not fitting within their frames, becoming too tight or too loose. Issues such as these can often be fixed with a re-fit or re-hang of the door within the frame, or by addressing the surrounding elements such as sealant or paint.

Door handle and lock repairs

Wooden door handle or lock is no longer working
Your door handle and lock might be getting jammed with age and the accumulation of dirt within the internal components over time.  They could also have been damaged due to a break in.Door handles and locks can be easily repaired or replaced by door repair specialists who can determine the appropriate solution for you.

Wooden door with squeeky hinge

Wooden door is squeaking
A squeaky wooden door can be the result of rusty hinges, wood rubbing against wood or an ill-fitted door. Your solution could involve oiling or replacing the hinges through to planing, sanding and re-hanging the door.  Whatever the issue, it can be fixed.

If you’re experiencing these or any other problems with your wooden door, we can help. get a door repair quote

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