New Sliding Doors

Let the outside in with our range of sliding doors that actually work like sliding walls.

Open up entire rooms, pool areas, outside kitchens. You can even extend your living areas by installing sliding glass doors that open up rooms.

Whether you need a simple two panel sliding glass door for an investment property or a multi-panel expansive sliding wall for your dream home, we have the range of doors to suit you.

Sliding Door Replacement

Are your sliding doors worn or old fashioned?

We can replace them with modern versions that look and work better and offer much stronger security.

Common reasons for replacing

When you’re renovating a room or space it makes a huge difference when you update the sliding door to match. We have a huge range of door styles and sizes to suit your space, including:

  • Traditional and modern sliding glass doors
  • French style sliding doors
  • Cavity sliding doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacker patio doors

If you’ve been burgled via the sliding glass door, it’s definitely time to replace it with a strong yet good looking secure sliding door and screen. All our doors have a high security rating and we can get your new sliding door installed fast.

Damaged or irreparable
Sometimes doors get damaged to point that it makes better long-term sense to replace it. There’s nothing like the feel and ease of a glass door that slides easily and closes properly.

Replacing a sliding door normally takes around 2 hours once the style and fitting selections have been approved. Contact us for more details or a quote.


New Home and Remodelling

And how about a complete facelift – one that can change your entire lifestyle?

Perhaps you have old timber or steel windows and doors that you want to update to a more modern look with aluminium. Or, if you want to bring a character home back to original, remove aluminium and replace with timber. We can turn a window into a French door or sliding glass door for a more modern feel that lets in more natural light and airflow.

With remodelling and replacements, the whole project is taken care of including removing existing walls, windows or doors and fitting the new windows or sliding doors.

Sliding Door Remodelling Quote

Sliding Door Handles, Locks, Tracks and Rollers

We carry 7 different types of capping track to repair existing patio and sliding doors. Our range of hinges, handles and locks includes brands like Lockwood, Whitco, Doric, Superior Brass and many more.

Whatever your sliding door size and style, we’ll have the right hardware to match.

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