New Entrance Doors

As the main entry and exit points to your home, front doors are usually a feature element and provide the first welcome point for guests and visitors to your home.

Besides the visual appeal, entrance and front doors are the security point for keeping your property and family safe, for keeping out un-wanted pests, weather and noise.

The broad benefits that entrance and front doors give you and your household, are good reason to ensure that they remain as functional today and into the future as when they were first installed.

Entrance door services

We can service and repair your existing entrance doors, and where necessary or desired, we can provide new or replacement front, laundry and any other entrance doors – all styles and models.

Entrance Door Repairs

Entrance Door Replacement

Entrance Door New Homes and Remodelling

Hinges, Handles and Locks

Entrance Door Replacement

Security Prior to Replacement

In circumstances where your door or locks are no longer working, we can make your door secure until your new or replacement door is due to be installed.


Selecting Your Replacement

We have carefully selected a range of door suppliers on the fantastic quality of their products. We can either show you brochures on site or direct you to online sites to view the options available. Or, if you would prefer, we can have your door completely custom made to your requirements.


Delivery and Installation Time

  • For normal catalogue items we allow up to 3 weeks as a lead time for delivery of product, and before work can proceed.
  • For custom ordered doors we allow a 6-week lead time for product delivery.

When all parts have been received we will commence the replacement of your door.


Your Installer

One of our fully qualified carpenters will install your new entrance door inline with the Australian standards and building codes.



A 12-month warranty is applied to all materials and work we have completed.



New Homes and Remodelling

Whether you are looking to:

  • give your new home entrance a stand-out welcome for guests,
  • create a more modern option to your existing home,
  • or simply desire a change or facelift to for your current entrance doors,

we have a magnificent selection of high quality doors that are sure to meet your needs.

We can even have your doors custom made for you where your situation is either unique, or you simply can’t find an available option that is ‘just right’.

With a vast selection of styles and materials available, our team can consult with you to select, supply and install your next entrance door. You will receive the benefit of over 40 years’ experience in servicing the Adelaide area, and over 100 years combined team experience.



Hinges, Handles and Locks

We carry an extensive range of hinges, handles and locks to match your Entrance Doors. So, whether you’re having your door repaired or adding a new one, we have the right hardware to compliment it.

Entrance door hinges, handles and lock quote